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kiss_my_elbow's Journal

Audrey Fans
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Saying: audrey left some
lipstick on her cigarette
in the ashtray with a note
scrawled on a napkin saying
"this is glamour"!*

About: This is a Community
dedicated to and about
the fabulous Audrey Hepburn.
This should be a nice place to
talk and share news, links,
information, poetry, art, quotes,
pictures, auctions, collections,
etc. About Audrey Hepburn

Joining: Once you join should you post
and introduce yourself to let
us know your here if you want to.
It would be nice if you could!

I'll be updating and making
changes quite often so if
you have any suggestions
or ideas please let me know.

Some Rules:*be nice to everyone.
I dont want want any '
drama in this community.
"Treat people the way you want to be treated".

*If your posting a picture that
is extremely large or if your
posting multiple images please
use lj-cut. It not only spares
people's friends pages but
our layout as well.

*Promotion is ok as long as
it's related to Audrey.

*Other then that I just hope
you enjoy the community!

your mod heartonherdress